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Hi I’m Bryn. I’m a creative storyteller.

I have a tendency to begin my sentences with "what if,” a trait that has served me well in both the Texas Immersive and Texas Creative Programs, where I'm honing my skills in experience design and copywriting.

In the Immersive program, I explore how to utilize new technologies to craft compelling narratives. Currently, I am serving as the Creative Director for the Immersive Capstone Class and guiding our team towards our end-of-year showcase, "The In Between." In the Creative program, I put my writing skills to the test by weaving stories about the brands I love.

If I’m not working, I’m probably outside. I love to hike and hammock. I recently finished my 200-Hour Yoga Teaching Certification, and enjoy teaching my friends and family. Recently, I’ve gotten into paddleboarding, if you see me on the lake, wave hello!



Conceptual Ad Campaign


Conceptual Ad Campaign


Ad campaign for client


Conceptual Ad Campaign


Conceptual Metaverse World

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Conceptual Ad Campaign (Work in Progress)

Experience Design


Immersive Experience exploring the topic of death


Exhibit Pitch for DTW highlighting sustainability efforts


Walking Tour & Field Guide for students to explore green space on campus


Snapchat Spectacles AR project teaching beginners proper exercise form

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