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The In Between

YUGO BAFTA Shortlist
Immersive Experience exploring the topic of death

The In Between is a transitional space where the mind goes during a person’s last minutes of consciousness. Experiences within the In Between broach topics such as love, the universe, nothingness, and the self. The In Between offers a chance to explore the universal topic of death in a personal intimate way— free of fear.

I concepted and designed this experience in the Fall, then was selected by my cohort for development in the Spring. We successfully ran 9 show last April.


Creative Director: Me
Producer: Marlo Hardy
Sound & Light Team Lead: Ciarra Nean Marzella
Production Team Lead: Valeria Olmos
UX Team Lead: Roxanne Mehdizadeh
Multimedia Team Lead: Maria Owens
Development Team Lead: Melody Geiger


Creative Direction
Story Building
Set Construction
Voice Direction

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